I am a full time professional writer and social media consultant. I have worked extensively in the fields of content marketing, on-page and off-page SEO (guest posts, backlink acquisition), and creative writing.

My career as a professional writer began early in adulthood, after a life spent scribbling stories in notebooks, working on student newspapers and generally doing everything I could to get my work out there. I also have experience in sales and marketing, and I have been able to use this experience to improve lead generation and customer acquisition for many freelancing clients.

I have written for magazines, publishing companies and marketing agencies. My work has been featured on some of the internet’s biggest sites (both in the US and across Europe) and my clients have included national and multinational companies, as well as spirited individuals looking to establish their own virtual footprint. I am always excited to work on new projects and with new clients.

I consider myself to be very open, very ambitious and very friendly, but also professional and determined. I can work on any subject and write in any style. I can match academic and journalistic styles, while also writing in an open, informal style best suited for online content. My previous projects have included everything from nutrition and health sciences, where a lot of research and citations were needed, to writing about sports, haunted houses, cooking, and weaponry.

I am also available for editing, proofreading and consulting work.