Guest Post: Quick Tips for Getting Twitter and Instagram Followers

You may be wondering who this person is that has taken over this blog post from Shana, well I would be too. I’m Abbie, from a lifestyle and beauty blogger who also touches on subjects within mental health.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and absolutely love it but at the minute it’s what I consider a hobby as I am a student at University. My dream is to make it my full-time job as I adore writing and find it therapeutic and a release – to just get everything out my head and onto paper…well, a screen.

Today I am going to be discussing all things “followers” and you have the joy of reading it!


Let’s start with Twitter, possibly my favourite platform when it comes to sharing your work and interacting with others.

I would say it is one of the easiest platforms to grow a following but nowadays where is it easy to find followers?!

On Twitter you can join in with chats (which I love doing but sometimes forget when they are on). But this, I would say, is the best way to show who you are and interact with new people.

Alongside Twitter chats, use hashtags. Now, people sometimes forget about these on Twitter, but these help your tweets/posts get seen by a new array of people.

If this wasn’t enough there are also retweet accounts on Twitter which share your posts to their audience which helps you to be seen by new people. The more people that see your tweets the higher chance there is that they will follow you!


Now let’s talk about the one no one likes to talk about, Instagram and it’s awful algorithm.

First, don’t be afraid of hashtags because they do make all the difference. But! With the new algorithm you need to make sure you use the hashtags when the photo is initially uploaded; if they are added later they won’t be as effective.

Also pick your timing when uploading, have a play around and work out what times work best for you. I find that evening is the best time for me, once people have finished work and are relaxing is usually the time I get the most interaction. Really late at night in the UK I get a fair amount of interaction, too.

Most importantly, find out what makes you stand out from others in order to get people interested in your account. But make sure to share the love back: go ahead and like and follow other accounts to get other people to see you. You’ll also be showing that you do interact back.

Wanna Cheat?

There is a cheeky way of gaining followers on both Twitter and Instagram using only Twitter. This method is called a follow train. Now, some people see this as cheating and to some extent it is. But if your aim is to just gain followers then why not? It honestly depends on your core goal.

Overall, the best way to grow a profile and get followers on any platform is to be authentic, be you and share the love back, don’t be someone who wants loads of followers and supporters but doesn’t interact with others.


Hope this helped and I hope you found it interesting!


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