5 Reasons Your Blog Sucks. Yeah, Yours.

I suck at personal blogging.

I can throw down with a business blog selling baking soda deodorant. I can write ad nauseam about the most haunted manors in the UK. But ask me to create a personal blog and I’ll tell you I’d rather stand out in the rain for an hour.

That said, your blog might suck too. I know a crap blog when I see one, and only sometimes does the crappiness relate to your grammar and punctuation.

Here are 5 reasons your blog probably sucks.

You’re a Mommy Blogger

This baby writes better content than the content you post on your mommy blog.

Isn’t everyone? I could go on and on about mommy bloggers and why I loathe their very existence, but I’ll leave you with the number one reason mommy bloggers suck.

They put their innocent children on skewers for the entire planet to roast.

Seriously, is there a reason the world needs to know about the potty habits of your three year old? Would you want your husband to “blog” about yours?

Leave your damn kids alone.

I do not, nor will I ever blog about my family. Because I respect my kids’ internet privacy.

You Keep Trying to Sell Me Stuff

I love my social media followers across all the platforms. I’m engaged in conversations on Facebook, Twitter and yes, even the horrid LinkedIn. But there have been a few instances where I’ve had to delete, even block, connections.

Social media is a great marketing tool. Hell, so’s your blog. If I see something that looks useful enough to share with others, I’ll give it a read.

But when I see that ginormous stupid ad for your “book” at the beginning, middle and end of every single post you write, you’re automatically on the blacklist.

Stop blogging about yourself. Instead, why not create valuable content that others can actually learn from?

It’s All Been Done Before

I mean, right now I’m blogging about blogging. You can’t tell me that’s not been done.

But if your blog focuses on “how to make money from home” or “how to use social media to increase business” then it damn well better say something new.

There are a few niches which fit especially well into this “overdone” category.

  • Mommy Bloggers (Leave your kids alone.)
  • Freelance writers (Such as yours truly, but I’m special, right?)
  • Food bloggers (Yes. You ate a fig. Would you like a cookie for dessert?)
  • Self-proclaimed “thought leaders” (You’re really good at curating others’ thoughts.)

If you’re going to start a blog, think carefully about your niche. Do some research and see what’s already out there.

You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

I write about writing, sure. That’s because I write.

My income is comprised entirely of payments made from clients for whom I’ve written, whether they be press releases, marketing emails or blog posts.

With that said, you can trust what I say. Because I literally live it.

If I see one more blog from someone who “makes thousands of dollars from home” by filling out surveys or scanning personal receipts, I’m going to throw my laptop.

By the same token, if I see one more blog by a zillionaire preaching about how he lives frugally, I’m going to scream. There’s no room for you on the internet. You’re a troll and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Go blog about luxury cruises or the Ferrari you just paid cash for.

No One Cares

Oh look. A fig. Maybe I should blog about it.

The worst type of blog is the one that no one cares about.

I don’t mean that to sound rude (maybe). For every niche, there’s an audience. You may love watching paint dry or grass grow – that’s great! Someone else probably does, too!

But no one cares, food blogger, about that fig you ate.

No one cares, mommy blogger, that your kid just blew his nose without your help.

I understand. It can be difficult to determine whether anyone will care or not. But you can ask yourself a few questions before you post.


  • Will it inspire someone?
  • Will it change someone’s mind about something?
  • Will it help someone else accomplish something?
  • Will someone learn from it?
  • Will it introduce a new perspective to the world?
  • Will it prevent someone from making a mistake you’ve learned from?

You get the idea. No one wants a pointless blog post about the color of your lawn. Instead, tell them about the best fertilizer to use, or how and when to aerate.

Do your research before you start blogging and save us all the trouble of clicking the red X in the top corner of the browser. Creating blogs that don’t suck is so easy, it’s a wonder more people don’t do it.



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